Planogram Compliance

Planogram is one of the most vital category management tools that helps you increase sales and profitability within the retail industry. It is an effective retail tool which encourages you to observe the planogram compliance.

What is Planogram Compliance?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, compliance means “the act of obeying a rule, request or an order.” A Planogram, on the other hand, is a diagram that shows how and where specific products should be placed on retail shelves or displays. Therefore, planogram compliance means following a set of rules which will ensure that your products are positioned in the right place on shelves.

Why Planogram Compliance Is Important

As a product owner, it is important to check your products at point of sale (POS) for planogram compliance, to ensure that your products are in the right shelf position to attract sales. Failure to do this will result in less exposure or visibility for your products, and lead to the decline of sales. Other reasons why you should check your products for planogram compliance include the following.

  1. Shelf Management

Running a planogram compliance check allows you to see the position where your products are located to spot any discrepancies. Without a planogram compliance check, you run the risk of getting a poor shelf location, which can be detrimental to your product. A little change in shelf space management can have a huge impact on your product, so it is important to use a planogram compliance check to prevent this.

  1. Increase Sales & Profitability

A planogram compliance check can help you increase sales and improve profitability which your product receives. This is because the check provides you with in-store insights, including what your customers’ want, when they want it as well as where they want it. Doing so attracts traffic to your product, which helps to increase its sales.

  1. Accountability

A planogram compliance check also helps to ensure that retail staff is held accountable to the products within their care. If you do not run these checks, you will be unable to hold retail staff accountable when your products are out of stock or not properly placed. This can cause an unpleasant shopping experience for your customers and lead to a decline in customer loyalty.

How Crowdsourcing And Smartphone Location Technology Can Help

Technology can help you in increasing the efficiency of in-store marketing operations including planogram compliance checks. Smartphones, in particular, can be used to measure the impact of retail planogram which is very important for your brand marketing strategy. They are the chief tool used in crowdsourcing because they provide a platform where you can receive mobile market insights from your customers, right from their smartphones.

Retail intelligence which you receive from your customers can provide you with data you can use in determining what is working for your products and what is not, as well as specific locations where your products are displayed in stores. Furthermore, because smartphones come with location technology, you get accurate locations of exactly where your products are displayed. All of these aids you in making better marketing decisions, and thereby increase sales.

However, carrying out planogram compliance check yourself in stores on a national or international level can be a hassle. Therefore, technology such as Simply Tasks, can help you to get the information you need quickly and easily.

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