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By using our mobile Task Force, you can receive transparent data in real time – worldwide and from any POS.

We help you to quickly, easily and inexpensively gather the data, that is important for your company.

Service Tests

Service Tests

Easy to start and cost-effective. Short tests to measure your standards.

Retail Intelligence

Retail Intelligence

Price Checks, Out of Stock, Planogram Compliance, Promotion Execution and New Product Availability.

Market Research

Market Research

Presence Analysis on Product Launches, Competitor Analysis, Customer Perceptions and / or Brand Awareness Insights.


  • Quick & Easy Project Start

    Your projects can start within hours of your approval.

  • Cost Effective

    Optimized & flexible pricing for all budgets.

  • Customized Campaigns

    Your requirements define the size of the campaign

  • Experienced Team

    Project Manager with profound expertise.

  • Global/ Local Approach

    Implementation of your global requirements and local differences.

  • Smart Communication

    Single point of contact for all projects, even internationally.

  • Real Time Results

    Intuitive online dashboard with pictures & graphics for better data analysis.

  • Data Integrity Verification

    Geodata Tracking, Data & Time Stamps.

  • Tasker Quality

    Selected & validated Task Force for your maximum success.



Do you know how your retail promotions are handled at POS? A picture says a 1000 words. We deliver the proof right on site so that you can take real-time action during your business promotions.

Stock Checks

Avoid huge losses when your products are not on shelves. We check stock availability at POS and report results in real-time.

Price Checks

Do you know the real pricing of your products at POS? How does your pricing compare to your competitors? Our Task Force will check that for you.

New Product Insights

Your business is marketing a new product. Is it available where you expect it to be and well presented? We check availability and analyze consumer acceptance at your POS.


Are your products placed where they should be and displayed to maximum sales potential? We provide reports on all aspects of Planogram Compliance.

Surveys & Shopper Insights

Our Task Force will provide structured feedback of their personal buyer behavior and experience.

Lead Generation

With Simply Tasks you can identify new business opportunities for your company: locations, customers, and products.

Competitor Analysis

How do you fit into the competitive landscape? You can learn how to analyze and understand your competitors - with Simply Tasks.

Launch a Campaign & start receiving data the simply way!

  • With Simply Tasks we have been able to measure in real time and with precision the execution of our promotion in hypermarkets

    Carlos López testimonial for simplytasks
    Dhul Carlos López,Marketing Director at Grupo Andros Dhul
  • A clear picture of what happen in our POS

    Luis Miguel Pariente Rubio Marketing at Bodegas Santa Cecilia Sa
    Bodega Santa Cecilia Luis Miguel Pariente Rubio, Marketing at Bodegas Santa Cecilia Sa
  • Perfect, we got a lot of useful information

    Naparbier Testimonial
    Naparbier Juan Antonio Rodriguez Pineda, Brewmaster at Naparbier


Mobile crowdsourcing is an efficient way to quickly collect data and information across multiple geographic locations. Our Simply Tasks Force consists of the most diverse people who take on the desired tasks via our smartphone app.

Of course! Simply Tasks offers a cost-effective solution for your needs.

With an easily accessible mobile app and real consumers – our Taskers – you get a tailored and affordable data collection solution. It’s cheaper, faster and more objective than sending your own employees or suppliers to gather this data for you.

You define what data you need. Simply Tasks delivers and presents the data. This can include:

  • Prices or availability of products
  • Places where your products are not sold
  • Insights of competing products from different countries
  • Opinions of our Taskers from different countries and/or topics that interest you

It’s fast and simple, and in some cases, we could be up and running in less than 48 hours! Send us general information about your business, goals, timing, and we will take care of the rest. Simply Tasks – simply better business decisions!

Launching a campaign can be done in 4 easy steps.

a) Choose what information you want to collect.

b) Send us a list of places to visit (or let us know where our Taskers are needed).

c) We develop a questionnaire that best fits your goals.

d) Start your campaign and start collecting real-time data of your POS today!

The information collected at the POS worldwide will be made available to you within a few minutes after the completion of the test.

Our Task Force is made of dedicated people who can take care of available Missions – while they are on the move.

Simply Tasks uses mobile crowdsourcing and real consumers to collect real-time data at your POS, worldwide. Actual & validated insights will be available on your online dashboard in just a few hours. Our experience in market research and retail intelligence, as well as our local industry experts, help you to gain scalable information to make the right decisions for your business. Smart communication and customized campaigns optimize your use of budget and resources.

After downloading the Simply Tasks app, Taskers must complete and pass a Test Mission before they can perform paid Missions. This involves interacting with the POS, using high-quality images and the app to upload relevant data. Individual training for specific campaigns is possible at any time.

Generally, we use our Training Missions for this. In addition, we can create Test Missions specifically for your campaign to ensure that our Taskers have the expertise they need – to complete their Mission. Our Taskers are evaluated for completed Missions and receive continuous feedback on their work, so that we only give Missions to people who best fit your needs.

Simply Tasks uses innovative technology to ensure data integrity such as automatic GPS control, date and time stamp images and corrections. These measurements ensure that only correct data is provided to you, so you can make informed decisions for your company.

Each report will be available online immediately after the mission’s internal review on the Simply Tasks Dashboard. Analyzed results are displayed when more than one report is available. You can also export the data to edit in an external program.

You can start as many missions as you like! More mission = more analyzable data

We do not need a minimum number of Missions. If you want to test a specific POS, we will design a Mission tailored to your needs. Because of the real-time transfer, you only pay for Missions that have been accepted and executed by our Taskers. Should a campaign expire before all requested Missions are completed, we close the project and you will only be charged for the completed Missions.

Yes. We have worldwide coverage and an international team with years of experience in Global Market Research.

We will appoint one contact person for an international project to ensure ease of communication, speed of execution and consistency of data.

Yes, we have an international team of experienced market researchers in every country in which we operate. Our team combines industry expertise, technical skills and brand understanding with local knowledge and global reach


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