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Get paid while you shop, verify store prices, check in-store promotions & points of sale.

Where can I do Missions?

Where can I do Missions?

There are two types of Missions: Anywhere Missions and Nearby Missions, which must be done in a specific location.

How do I receive Missions?

How do I receive Missions?

Within the app you can directly choose the Missions you want to do

Missions and Tasks

Missions and Tasks

A Mission is made up of Tasks. These could include checking prices, out of stock, point of sale appearance, promotion execution and much more.


You will be paid directly trough your PayPal account.

Use your Paypal credit to make online purchases or transfer credit from your Wallet to your bank account. It’s really fast & simple!

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Simply Tasks is a crowdsourcing app that allows brands to receive real time data from any location worldwide. This technology helps clients collect business information vital to develop great insight and achieve even greater results. To become a Tasker you need to be at least 18, and of course you already own a smartphone. Tasking fits right into your modern lifestyle: explore your city, find valuable information and get paid in the process!

It´s really simple! Go to the Android Google Play or Apple App Store and download it from there.

Yes, Simply Tasks is absolutely free. Use our app to explore the city, give feedback & earn money.

No, but you can register in under 2 minutes. As a Tasker you are a valuable member of our Task Force and of course, you want to be paid for your work. Therefore: Register now!

Your smartphone should not be older than 2-3 years, have a camera & mobile data connection. The operating system must be IOS or Android and should always be up-to-date.

Payment will be very easy. Once you have reached the minimum amount in your Wallet you can request payment via PayPal. You can decide to receive smaller amounts frequently or save for a special occasion, such as a holiday or Christmas.

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