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Speeding-up the Process of Market Research with Smartphones and Crowdsourcing

Market research is a process that in which business and organizations gather relevant data that will help them meet the needs of customers and prospects. Methods such as email feedbacks, customer interview, live chats, etc., are often used to obtain helpful customer feedbacks. However, researchers and marketers have tapped into the smartphone technology and created a method of observing customer feedbacks and opinions, to better understand their customer needs and make amends where necessary. This newly developed method is called mobile market research or mobile crowdsourcing. Many people worldwide spend hours on their smartphones and mobile devices, whether they are shopping, traveling or working, which make it possible for them to communicate their thoughts and opinions in real-time, and thereby speed up the process of market research.

What is Mobile Market Research?

Mobile market research is a means of data collection through the use of smartphones and other mobile devices. It is a method of research that relies on mobile crowdsourcing to allow clients and researchers unprecedented access into the lives of everyday people globally. Many businesses today use this valuable and insightful method to generate customer feedback and highlight certain areas which need to be worked on.

Mobile Market Research is a very efficient and reliable means of collecting retail intelligence by soliciting for feedbacks and reviews via a mobile phone app, from a diverse group of people in different locations all over the world. By making use of mobile market research, researchers and marketers can gather user-generated photos and videos, and get responses and feedback from customers and clients. These information and in-store insights gathered independently can then be used to create valuable products, services, and contents tailored to the likes and interests of customers and prospects.

How Simply Tasks Can Help With Your Mobile Market Research

While there are several ways you can generate your mobile market research, none of them can be compared to Simply Tasks‘. Simply Tasks is a mobile software which provides you with valuable insights on how your products are faring in the market all over the world. It also gives you whatever information you require about your products, including pricing and availability of products, locations where products are not sold, photos of competitor products from various countries, customer opinions from various places, as well as meaningful data and tailored solutions.

If you are a product owner, Simply Tasks can help you launch a campaign in less than 48hours, after which you can begin to collect retail intelligence that can help you in making better business decisions. Data which you receive from the software are gotten from the task force team which comprises of regular people that go about their everyday routine. When you launch your campaign, the team of Simply Tasks’ task force will see and accept it, and within minutes, provide you with your required information while on the go.

Simply Tasks is a very fast means of collecting market research data, due to the instantaneous nature of mobile exchange which shortens, significantly, the waiting period between the formulation of a strategy and it getting to its targeted audience. It also provides you with unmediated in-store insights into the lives of your clients and customers which simply cannot be achieved via conventional methods. Lastly, it eliminates the need for a middleman, because it allows for the collection of real-time data directly from the task force members while they are in their home environment.

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