In-store Price & Availability Check

Incorrect product pricing can cause severe damage to your sales, which you might never be able to recover from. To prevent this from happening, you need to collect in-store insights on how your products are priced in various stores. In-store price and availability check is a type of market research in which you check for the availability of your products, as well as their pricing, at Point of Sale (POS) in various stores.

The report of your in-store price and availability check can also be used to develop a competitive pricing strategy that will maximize profits. It also provides you with enough data to make an informed decision on whether to adjust your marketing strategy or not. However, in-store price and availability checks often mean taking several trips to stores around you to check for pricing and availability physically. This is quite limiting, especially since it would be a hassle to physically check all stores that carry your products all over the world.

How Smartphones & Mobile Crowdsourcing Can Help

Did you know that you can check the price and availability of your products in different stores without taking a trip to the stores? Well, smartphones and mobile crowdsourcing provide a way for you to get in-store insights on your products without leaving your location. With this technology, you never have to worry about losing sight of your in-store operations because it provides you with all the retail intelligence you need.

Smartphone mobile software, such as Simply Tasks, enable you to crowdsource relevant shopper insights from anywhere in the world. You can check to see if your products are accurately tagged and rest easy knowing that your products are being sold at the right price. The system also automatically checks if stores still have your products stocked in their shelves, and an analytics dashboard will present to you which stores are beginning to run out of your products. This is better than wasting precious hours driving in and around town, flying across countries or relying on the data provided by the merchants.

Furthermore, the use of smartphones and crowdsourcing for your in-store price and availability check allows you to compare the price of your product in a certain store with a competitor product from the same store. You can also monitor your product displays, and get in-depth insights into stores display pattern, to ensure that your marketing displays are not just in place, but correctly implemented. This is especially useful when you are planning to launch a new product or start with an in-store marketing campaign.

Wouldn’t you want to know and see that your products are accurately priced across different stores worldwide, without having to physically visit the stores?

Simply Tasks uses smartphones, crowdsourcing and the crowd of mobile users to provide businesses with various information, including in-store price and availability. With our technology, you can check the availability of your products in-stores worldwide, as well as get information on whether or not they are correctly priced, from the comfort of your home or office.

You can also rest assured knowing that whatever mobile market research data you receive from Simply Tasks is 100% accurate, as a dedicated team of mobile task force is tasked to supply the information. This task force team is everyday people who go about different stores and feed the system with the price and availability of products in different stores.

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