In-Store New Product Insights | How Smartphones & Crowdsourcing Can Help

In-store New Product Insights

Knowing just how well your new product is doing can help you in determining if you should continue with whatever marketing strategies you employed for it or withdraw the product from the market due to abysmal sales. However, as a new product owner, without retail intelligence, it can be a bit difficult to determine this.
With in-store new products insights, you can determine just how well or bad your new product is doing in the market. In-store new product insight is a marketing strategy that provides you with data and information on your new products which you have just launched. This marketing strategy allows you to check the availability of your new product as well as analyze consumer acceptance at your Point of Sale (POS).
You also get to see if it is well displayed or presented, to increase its chances of breaking successfully into the retail market. In essence, in-store new product insights provide you with the necessary metrics needed to determine the success of your new product.

How Smartphones & Crowdsourcing Can Help

Crowdsourcing and smartphones are two elements which provide in-store new product insights readily. These tools can provide you with in-store new product insights, including instant visibility to your new product while it is on the shelf, as well as the chance to change your marketing strategy to increase sales.
With the use of smartphones apps like Simply Tasks, you can crowdsource countless, real-time retail insights from customers who are trying out your new product. That is, your customers, who are constantly on their smartphones, can easily supply you with shopper insights about your new product. Furthermore, they can take pictures with the cameras of their smartphones and tablets, which enables you to see how your new product is displayed in stores around town.
Simply knowing how your customers see and feel about your new product can prove to be valuable to the eventual success of your new product. You can use the data from this market research to refine your operational, care or marketing strategies, to improve your customers’ overall experience. Improving customer experience when you have just launched a new product can be a great marketing strategy to attract more customers.
Also, with smartphones and crowdsourcing for in-store new product insights, you get on-demand visibility into store conditions like knowing where your new product is positioned at Point of Sale. This offers a great way to discover any sub-par retail execution on the part of the retailer and immediately take the required action to revert it.
In summary, crowdsourcing opinions about your new products via smartphones can provide you with the right retail intelligence that enables you to know how well your new products is doing in the retail market. However, to do this easily and quickly, you need an effective smartphone marketing software, such as Simply Tasks. Simply Tasks is a marketing software which can provide you with the new product insights you need to determine how your new product is faring. Launch a campaign with Simply Tasks today to get insights, such as the location of your new product, customer opinions, and more!

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